Here are a couple of tips to speed up the support process and get your problem solved in a few hours instead of a whole week!

  • Please ensure that you read the documentation/help file which can be found in the zip file you've downloaded from ThemeForest.
  • Search through the Public Tickets or visit Articles section to find out a solution for the most common issues/requests.
  • Please submit a Public Ticket if your ticket doesn't contain any private information.
  • We provide help for our themes only. For the 3rd party plugins/extensions, you should contact their creators.
  • If you're facing an error message, please mention what it says, when and where you see it.
  • Take a screenshot. If possible, mark the problem/request on it. Here's a very useful screenshot tool: Awesome Screenshot
  • If you've already tried something to solve your problem, let us know. This will obstruct to hear something you've already known/done which you're unhappy with it's result.
  • What was the last thing you did before you face the bug/error? (Changing some setting, clicking somewhere etc.) From our point of view, it's pretty important to know it in order to have a good starting point.

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