Demo content for Grotte

To let you know, this is a light version of the demo site content in order to keep the process easy and fast.

Before importing the content, please watch out these:

  • Use WordPress Reset to clean the database and import the data from scratch if needed. After that, don't forget to pick Grotte from "Appearance > Themes" to see the theme.
  • Please ensure that you’ve installed and activated all of the plugins before importing the data.
  • Skip WooCommerce Setup Wizard by clicking Not Right Now button if prompted. You can run this wizard after the import process.
  • Navigate to "WooCommerce > Settings" and then "Products > Display". Set the image sizes like below:

    • Catalog Images: 560 x 672 px
    • Single Product Image: 640 x 768 px
    • Product Thumbnails: 180 x 230 px

      Note: You can always use a plugin like Regenerate Thumbnails to fix/change the sizes any time.

Now follow the steps below to import the demo content:

1) Navigate to "Tools > Import".

2) Click WordPress.

3) Click Browse and point the xml file you've downloaded.

4) Click Upload file and import and wait.

5) When the page refreshes, check Download and import file attachments and click Submit. You're done when the process is finished.

Now you can run WooCommerce Setup Wizard if needed.

By the way, don't forget to set the menu locations to see the menus properly. To do this, navigate to "Appearance > Menus", select the menu you want to show and check one of the location checkboxes. Demo settings are like that:

(Menu Name : Menu Location)
toPrimary : Primary Menu
toHeader : Header Menu
toPageMenu : Page Menu
to Footer : Footer Menu