How to Use Robin Slider

Robin has its own slider plugin. Follow the steps below to start using it!

Firstly, you need to install the "New Robin Slider" plugin. You'll already realize the "This theme recommends the following plugin: New Robin Slider." notice when you activate Robin theme.

  1. Click "Begin installing plugin".
  2. Click "Install" under the "New Robin Slider" title. The "Install" button will appear when you rollover the title.
  3. When you see the "Return to Required Plugins Installer" link appeared, it means you're done! But don't forget to activate the plugin.

You'll realize that a button named "New Robin Slider" is placed on your admin panel menu now. If you can't see it, just click to "Dashboard" or somewhere else to refresh the view.

After installing & activating the slider plugin, just navigate to "Appearance > Customize > 5. Slider Settings > 5.5. Blog Posts in Slider" and check "Show Blog Posts in Slider" to see it. OR, you can create your own slides.

Now, let's create our first slide:

  1. Click "New Robin Slider > Add New Slide".
  2. If you wish, you can directly insert a post into your slider by selecting it from the "Post Direction" drop down. After selecting it, you can override its properties (Title, Slide Image etc.) too.
  3. To create a brand new slide, just do not select a post and fill in the other fields (Title, URL etc.).
  4. Don't forget that you should use the same group name for the slides/posts you want to see in the same slider. (It's the same procedure with tagging a blog post.)
  5. Click "Publish" and your slide is ready!

You can repeat the steps above to create all the slides you want. Now it's time to place our slider to the site:

  1. Navigate to "Appearance > Customize > 5. Slider Settings".
  2. Place this code to the "5.4. Slider Shortcode" box: [new_robinslider group="your_group"] Don't forget to replace the your_group part with your own group name.

That's all!