How to Use Different Sidebars

Our theme has 5 different sidebars that you can use:

  1. Sidebar - Default
  2. Sidebar - Post
  3. Sidebar - Page
  4. Sidebar - Static Front Page
  5. Sidebar - Archive

By default, you see the "Sidebar - Default" on every page of your site (blog homepage, posts, pages, archive and static front page).

To use a different sidebar, you should activate it first.

Let's say you want to use a separated sidebar for your pages. Navigate to "Appearance > Customize > 6. Layout Options > 6.4 Sidebars" and check "Enable 'Sidebar - Page'".

So it's ready to use. Just navigate to "Appearance > Widgets" and drag&drop your widgets into the "Sidebar - Page" area. Now you'll see this sidebar on your pages and the default sidebar (Sidebar - Default) for the rest of your site.

You can repeat the same steps to use the other sidebars if you wish.