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11 Articles Baxel

Post Style Z

Baxel Widget Areas

Baxel Logo Font

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11 Articles Souje (Lite)

How to Create a Shortcode for Instagram Slider Widget

How to Make the Post Content Wider

Demo Content for Souje

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11 Articles Gagens

How to Create a "Hero Style" Header

How to Equalize Your Post Heights

How to Create a Shortcode for Instagram Slider Widget

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2 Articles Blake von Hauer

How to Use BvH Slider

How to Add a New Google Font

7 Articles Hunted

How to Use Hunted Slider

Using "Fullwidth" Option for Hunted Slider

Hunted Logo Font

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7 Articles Bourz

Footer Widget Titles on Primary Font Change

Bourz Widget Areas

Demo Content for Bourz

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6 Articles Robin

How to Use Robin Slider

Robin Logo Font

Using "Fullwidth" Option for Robin Slider

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9 Articles Metz

Make the content wider for "Fullwidth" page layout

Changing the font size of the titles

Display Google Ads on Leaderboard Banner Management System

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Demo content for Grotte

Demo Site Homepage View

WooCommerce product image sizes

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5 Articles General Questions

How to Get an API Key for Google Maps

Issues About Importing Demo Content

Burnhambox Installation Service

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