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  • cristina started the conversation

    hi guys, 

    I am still setting up my site so it is not live. I am trying to set up the slider but I cannot see it on my site. This is what I did:

    - Installed and activated the plugin

    - on Customize, point 5 slider settings, then 5.3: fullwidth, then 5.4 I created a group and copied the code for the slider group i created out of two slides [new_robinslider group="home"]

    On Customizing my front page I have clicked Latest Posts. I have the slider, but it is not pulling the excerpt that I created when I created the slide. So instead of having 2 lines as an excerpt I have 5.  

    If I unclick the "show excerpt" then I can only see the title. 

    could you guide me as to how to get the excerpt that I created on my slide show on the slider? Thank you! 


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    Kerem replied

    Hi again Cristina

    Could you please ensure that the "Show Blog Posts in Slider" box is unchecked?

  • cristina replied

    Hi Kerem, 

    Yes, it is unchecked

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    Kerem replied

    Hey Cristina, sorry for late reply. Is it possible for you to share your WP login address, username and password to let us have a closer look at it? I know, it's not online yet, but is it on your local machine?