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    First of all, I wish you all the best for 2018.

    We got some  issues :

    1-  Personalize Menu, we get white page. see the pic Screen-Shot-Personalize.jpg

    2- With the latest version of the Theme. We got issue with the plug-in Polylang. Now when we create equivalent page for example is not well linked in the two language. When you are on the page in French and you click on US Flag is going to the US home page. Did you get this kind of issue ? 

    3- The title of the page is now automatically show on the top as you can see on the pic Screen-Shot-Page-Title.jpg

    Attached files:  Screen-Shot-Personalize.jpg

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    Kerem replied

    Hi Thanks, you too!

    1. It's probably because of an internal error. Please deactivate all of the plugins and check it again. If problem is gone, start to activate the plugins one by one to catch the issue. OR, a customization in core files could cause this.

    2. I think you've already figured it out as I see that everything is fine now.

    3. It's normal to see the page title at the top of the page when you're not using a featured image for it. http://www.burnhambox.com/metz/about/

  • Maxime replied

    Hi Kerem,

    Thank you for your reply.

    1. Sorted out. The plug-in WP Super Cache was a plug-in creating this bug. Do you use this plug-in ? And di you get this kind of issue ? Do you know another one who can do the same function ? without bugging.

    2. I still have the issue with Polylang. When I want to create a menu I can see only the categories in French not the English, the same for the pages.

    3. Do you know I can remove this automatic insertion of the title ?



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    Kerem replied

    You're welcome

    1. I'm really not sure. We've never notified about this before. In fact, there should be no reason for this bug. Did you try to delete the cache and try again?

    2. When I click the France flag, I see the French menu and the same thing for UK flag. Am I missing something?

    3. You can use the following CSS:

    .post-page .article-container .fs40 { display: none; }
  • Maxime replied


    Thanks for help

    I sort out the issue with polylang. Thanks a lot.

    For the plug-in WP Super Cache, I did do the check yet deleting the cache. I will. 

    Thanks for CSS code, I probably use it. I will see.