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  • nortedigitalbogota started the conversation

    Hello, this is my issue: I don´t find how make a meta text (text below the head title) different from the rest of content. if i wrote something in a new post the meta text just duplicate the same text from content, I send a pict to show the error.

    The original demo (post) show a title, a meta text and the rest of content in that order, i can do that.

    Please help me, thanks

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    Kerem replied

    Hi there

    You can try to use the excerpt field for a better control & view of those texts. Navigate to "Posts > Add New"  (or "Edit Post" screen) and see the button named "Screen Options" at the top right of the screen. Click it, then check the "Excerpt" box. Now scroll down the page and you'll see a text field has appeared which has the title "Excerpt". Write your "intro" text there.

    That's what we do on our demo site.

    On the other hand, you can hide the excerpt on post pages, if you wish. Just go to "Appearance > Customize > 16. Show/Hide Elements" and uncheck "Show Excerpt".

    Please let us know if you have any other questions.