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Slider on mobile and no caption on


  • David Bratton started the conversation

    Hello. I really like this theme but some very small issues...

    When using a slider as the lead story on homepage it looks great but on mobile is not responsive and image can't be seen properly. I have attached image. Can you advise how to make this fit?

    The picture caption doesn't display anymore when using a featured image at top of the post - it used to.

    Is there a way to get rid of 'previous and next post' box at bottom of post page.

    How do you remove number of pages displayed at the bottom of homepage? Using latest posts rather than static homepage)

    Please help where you can

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    Kerem replied

    Hi David

    1. Hunted slider is responsive by canvas and text, not the image itself. As you may see on our demo site: http://www.burnhambox.com/hunted/ It was just a choice of us to keep the slide title over the image like that.

    2. In fact, Hunted does not display the captions of featured images. Are you sure that you (or your developer maybe) haven't added this feature manually?

    3. Please go to "Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS" and add the code below:

    .page-navi-next-badge { display: none; }

    4. I think you've already figured it out by unchecking the related box from your customizer.